Suicide/Mental Health Resources

Suicide Prevention Line

If you are having a psychiatric emergency, please call 911

Suicide Prevention Board Policy

Central School District / BP 5141.52

Suicide Prevention Administrative Regulations

Central School District / AR 5141.52

Mental Health Referral Proccess AB 2022

If you would like your child to be referred to mental health services, please review the information in this link.

Teen Suicide Prevention Video

In this video teens describe common signs that a teen is
 considering suicide and provides encouragement for communicating
 directly and immediately for support and safety.

Parent Night Mental Health Presentations:
 Parent Night:  Recognizing Anxiety Disorder in Children Recording
CSD 7th & 8th Suicide Prevention Presentation
CSD K-6th Suicide Prevention Presentation

These are links to mental health presentations that our Mental Health Counselors have provided to parents in the past.

Crisis Resources

Additional Crisis Resources
West End Community Crisis Response Team  (909) 458-1517
Crisis Stabilization Unit -Merril Center - Fontana (909) 421-9495
Department of Behavioral Health Access Unit       (888) 743-1478

Little Aevidum Parent Flyer

This presentation is being provided by the District Mental Health Counselors to provide and overview of the K-6th curriculum students will be receiving this year, to help promote awareness about the importance of their social-emotional well being.

Mental Health Resources

This link reviews the school protocol for a psychological crisis and provides an updated list of Mental Health Service Agencies.