What is PAR?

Teachers Supporting Teachers

·     Are you challenged by a new grade level or content area?

·     Do you need help incorporating technology or maximizing the benefits of a 21st Century Classroom?

·     Would you like assistance increasing the Depth of Knowledge of tasks as we move to the Common Core
      State Standards?

·     Would you like help implementing the direct and explicit model to assist in quality first teaching?

·     Would you like to know how to use higher level questioning techniques?

·     Are your students engaged and participating actively?

·     Do you need strategies to effectively use instructional time and manage transition time between activities?

·     Would you like feedback after you teach a new concept?

·     Do you need management help to deal with a difficult student or class?

·     Do you need assistance analyzing data and using it to drive instruction?

·     Would you like assistance in any other area?

We are here for you!   

The goal of the PAR program is to improve the quality of instruction for new and veteran teachers.  A teacher seeking support is linked with the “PAR Consulting Teacher” to discuss goals, strategies, management techniques, or any other area to improve classroom learning. The PAR teacher is available before, during and after school, and communication is confidential.

 For additional information, please review the PAR brochure