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Philosophy of Special Education:

Within the Central School District, students with disabilities are placed within the least restrictive environment which meets their needs.  The Governing Board provides a full range of educational alternatives to facilitate this placement so that these students may interact with children with disabilities in an understanding, cooperative and mutually respectful environment.  Students are placed outside the regular classroom only when the student's specific needs cannot be successful in that setting.

Special Education Programs and Support Services:

Each school within the district provides a Resource Specialist Program (RSP) and a Learning Handicapped Special Day Class (SDC) to meet the needs of learning disabled students.

Programs for students with more intense needs are provided by the West End Special Education Local Plan Area (WESELPA).

Additional Special Education Programs and Support Services:

  • Health Services

  • Language Speech Hearing Services

  • Assessment Services

San Bernardino County Special Education
West End Special Education Local Plan Area

Central School District belongs in the West End Special Education Local Plan Area (West End SELPA).  The Mission Statement of the West End SELPA is as follows:

"The West End SELPA team works in collaboration with students, parents, school districts and
community agencies to maintain communication, provide quality services, and ensure the provision
of appropriate resources which support the education of all students with disabilities."


To visit the West End SELPA web site, click on the link below:

West End SELPA


Community Advisory Committee

Membership in the Community Advisory Committee is by appointment.  All parents and community members are invited to attend these public meetings.  For a list of committee meeting dates, click on the link below: 

Megan Newman
Administrative Assistant

Anabel Villavicencio
Special Education Technician

Viviana Martinez
Mental Health Clinician

Brittney Valdes
Mental Health Clinician

Lauren Freeth
School Psychologist

Vanessa Pinedo
School Psychologist

Marlayna Leslie
School Psychologist

Kyline Valencerina
School Psychologist

Bozenka Daniels
School Psychologist

Vanessa Haro
School Psychologist

Daisy Vargas
ERHMS Clinician

Amber Mathieu
ERHMS Clinician