Step by Step: How to Access State Electronic Test Scores in Aeries  

Scores have been made available to all parents who have a parent portal account State Electronic Test Scores Reports page can be found in the navigation under Student Data | Test Scores or by typing State in the filter. It is available in both the District and School levels. 

To access Student Score Reports:

Aeries Portal

Step 2: For students and parents the State Electronic Test Scores Reports page can be found under the Test Scores tab.

State Test Scores Report

Step 3: Clicking on the English or non-English button will open up a view of the CAASPP or ELPAC Student Score Report in a new tab.

Pick Language

A copy of the student's score report can be downloaded and saved to the computer, or it can be printed by using the appropriate icons in the preview window.

Scores Example

Frequently Asked Questions from Parents and Guardians 

What if I do not have access to a desktop computer? 

 You can view your student’s score report through the parent portal on any device connected to the internet, such as a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Log into the parent portal, Aeries, on your device to view the report.  

 We want to make sure that you can see your child’s Student Score Report so we have set up a computer at each school front office, where you can log on to your Aeries to view and print it during school hours. If you need help with logging in, you can visit your school office or contact the district office at 909-484-5301. 

 We understand that not everybody has access to a computer or is able to come to school to view the Student Score Report. If you have not been able to view the report online, please notify us and we will print a copy for you to pick up at your child’s school. 

 Is my child’s information secure if it is online? 

 Yes, the Student Score Reports are secure because they can be accessed only through parent portal, Aeries, which requires a username and password to access. Please contact the district office at 909-484-5301. 

 Will I get scores faster? 

 Yes, you will be able to view your child’s score report online earlier than in the past. In the past, Student Score Reports had to be printed and mailed, which caused a delay. This year, you can view the report online as soon as it is available. 

 Is the electronic score report accessible to parents with disabilities? 

 Yes. All Student Score Reports are screen readable and provide adequate color contrast. 

 Will the report be available in my home language? 

 The electronic Student Score Reports will be available in English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, and Filipino. In the future, they will be translated into other languages.  

 Where can I find more information to help me understand my child’s Student Score Report? 

 You can find information to help you understand your child’s score report at the Starting Smarter CAASPP website ( and Starting Smarter ELPAC website (, where you also can find sample test questions and free resources to help support your child’s learning. 

 Whom should I contact if I have questions about my child’s score report? 

 If you have questions regarding your child’s Student Score Report, please contact your child’s teacher or school. They can help you find how best to support your child based on their testing results.