About Us

Kid/Teen Central Child Care

As the parent/guardian of a school-aged child, it may come as no surprise to you that many of today's families are supported by two working parents, and even sometimes, a working single-parent.  Unfortunately though, these circumstances bring about the question of, "Who can we trust to care for our kids while we are at work?"

Central School District offers an outstanding child care program at all of our schools. Our dedicated staff is educated, trustworthy, and has a heart for kids and a commitment to education. 

Our Vision

We envision providing impactful, meaningful, and transformational opportunities for the youth we serve in a place where students are cared for with kindness, respect, and loving guidance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high quality, on-campus child care program for the families of Central School District. Our staff is committed to delivering a well-rounded, age appropriate, and educationally structured before and after school program. We are dedicated to fostering a safe, inclusive, enriching, and collaborative environment for our students.

Site Contact Information

District Office
(909) 941-2895

Bear Gulch Elementary
(909) 466-1867

Central Elementary
(909) 987-4237

Coyote Canyon Elementary
(909) 980-0736

Doña Merced Elementary
(909) 987-8496

Valle Vista Elementary
(909) 931-7883

Cucamonga Middle School
(909) 987-3760

Ruth Musser Middle School
(909) 481-8369