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Employees received notice stating that beginning March 30, 2014 pay stubs would no longer be printed for employees who have their payroll directly deposited (electronic fund transfer – EFT) into their bank account. This is in response to the County moving forward with a “No Print” policy for electronic deposits as of July 1, 2014. This notice is to remind you that there are only two months left before this change is effective for Central School District. If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to go to the BEST NET Employee Self Service (ESS) website and register to access your payroll and tax information today.  In order to register, you will need to know your latest net pay amount, which is reflected on the attached pay stub.

For written instructions on how to set up your account click on the following link: BEST NET Employee Self Service Brochure

If you have any questions regarding the ESS website, how to register, or if you would like to have your paycheck automatically deposited to your bank account, please call Yadira Pineda in Payroll at (909) 484-2701 or Jennifer Alvarado in Business Services at (909) 989-8541.

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GUIDING PRINCIPLE #3: FISCAL SOLVENCY: We are committed to remaining fiscally solvent by effectively managing current resources and pursuing new revenue sources.


Certificated Contract Employees: 1st working day of the month.

Classified Contract Employees: last working day of the month.

Hourly/Daily, Substitutes: All employees who are paid on a time card: Paydate is the 9th of the month. If the 9th is on a weekend or holiday, paydate will be the following work day.

Links to All Provided Services

To view the websites for all Medical and Insurance providers as well as BestNet, the employee self service website for prior paystubs and tax information, please visit: Service Providers



Community Budget Reports


2024-25 Adopted Budget
2024-25 Adopted Budget Presentation


2023-24 Second Interim Report
2023-24 Second Interim Presentation
2023-24 First Interim Report
2023-24 First Interim Presentation
2023-24 Adopted Budget


2022-23 Unaudited Actuals Report
2022-23 Unaudited Actuals Presentation
2022-23 Second Interim Report
2022-23 Second Interim Presentation
2022-23 First Interim Report
2022-23 First Interim Presentation
2022-23 Adopted Budget Presentation
2022-23 Adopted Budget


2021-22 Unaudited Actuals
2021-22 Unaudited Actuals Presentation
2021-22 Second Interim Report
2021-22 Second Interim Presentation
2021-22 First Interim Report
2021-22 First Interim Presentation
2021-22 Adopted Budget
2021-22 Adopted Budget Presentation


2020-21 Unaudited Actuals
2020-21 Unaudited Actuals Presentation
2020-21 Second Interim Report
2020-21 Second Interim Presentation
2020-21 First Interim Report
2020-21 First Interim Presentation
2020-21 Adopted Budget
2020-21 Revised Budget
2020-21 Revised Budget Presentation


2019-20 Unaudited Actuals
2019-20 Unaudited Actuals Presentation
2019-20 Second Interim Report
2019-20 Second Interim Presentation
2019-20 First Interim Report
2019-20 First Interim Presentation
2019-20 Adopted Budget
2019-20 Adopted Budget Presentation


2018-19 Unaudited Actuals
2018-19 Unaudited Actuals Presentation
2018-19 Second Interim Report
2018-19 Second Interim Presentation
2018-19 First Interim Report
2018-19 First Interim Presentation
2018-19 Adopted Budget
2018-19 Adopted Budget Presentation


2017-18 Unaudited Actuals
2017-18 Unaudited Actuals Presentation
2017-18 Second Interim Report
2017-18 Second Interim Presentation
2017-18 First Interim Report
2017-18 First Interim Presentation
2017-18 Adopted Budget


2016-17 Unaudited Actuals
2016-17 Second Interim Report
2016-17 First Interim Report
2016-17 First Interim Presentation
2016-17 Adopted Budget
2016-17 Adopted Budget Presentation


2015-16 Second Interim Report
2015-16 Second Interim Presentation
2015-16 First Interim Report
2015-16 Adopted Budget
2015-16 Adopted Budget Presentation


2014-15 Unaudited Actuals
2014-15 Second Interim Report
2014-15 Second Interim Presentation
2014-15 First Interim Report
2014-15 First Interim Presentation
2014-15 Adopted Budget


2013-14 Unaudited Actuals
2013-14 Unaudited Actuals Presentation
2013-14 Second Interim Report
2013-14 Second Interim Presentation
2013-14 First Interim Report
2013-14 First Interim Presentation
2013-14 Adopted Budget
2013-14 Revised Budget Presentation
2013-14 Adopted Budget Presentation


2012-13 Unaudited Actuals
2012-13 Unaudited Actuals Presentation
2012-13 Second Interim Report
2012-13 Second Interim Presentation
2012-13 First Interim Report
2012-13 First Interim Presentation
2012-13 Adopted Budget
2012-13 Adopted Budget Presentation
2012-13 Budget on a Napkin


2011-12 Unaudited Actuals
2011-12 Second Interim Report
2011-12 First Interim Report
2011-12 Adopted Budget
2011-12 Adopted Budget Presentation