Student Services


Students are expected to attend school regularly.  Unless there are extremely unusual circumstances, a student should not be absent or tardy more than one day per month.  Absences or tardies in excess of these standards will result in a school intervention.


The Central School District has high standards for student conduct.  Students are expected to follow the rules established by the school and the school district.  These rules are discussed at the beginning of each school year.

The district is eager to work with students and parents to prevent disciplinary incidents.  Central School District has taken a strong position against drugs, weapons, or violence.  Students involved in these types of incidents will be referred to the Board of Trustees for consideration for expulsion.


New to Central School District? 

Here is a list of items that you should bring when registering your child: Check List

All Student Registration is done at the school site.


Registration will be held at your child's elementary school.  A one page information sheet in English and Spanish is available below.  Please be aware that each child must have a student health examination before entering school.  A health care provider must complete the "Report of Health Examinations for School Entry" form.  This form is available at the school sites or may be printed from the link below.  Take this form with you when your child has his/her health examination.      

Report of Health Examinations for School Entry


Transfers Interdistrict/Intradistrict:

Central School District recognizes that students who reside in one district may choose to attend school in another district.  Interdistrict transfers may occur when space is available.

The general conditions for Interdistrict transfers include the following:

1.  Space availability.
2.  Proper student deportment, citizenship, grades, and attendance.
3.  Parental support for the existing educational program.
4.  Parental ability to provide transportation.
5.  Transfer results in no excess costs to the district.

Applications are available at the local school sites and the district office.

Central School District is not accepting transfers at this time for all Special Day Classrooms as they are at capacity.

Intradistrict Enrollment:
Students who reside within the district boundaries may apply for enrollment in any district school.  Acceptance is based upon space availability at the desired school.  Application forms may be obtained at the local school sites. Transportation is not provided.


Independent Study is an alternative instructional strategy by which students may complete school work.  Independent Study is particularly helpful in situations where students are unable to attend school for short periods of time.  Independent Study can be arranged by contacting the your school site. 

An Independent Study contract is needed if you must go on a family  trip while school is in session.  Completion of Independent Study assignments helps your student succeed and prevents your child from falling behind the rest of the class.