Healthy Schools Act

The Central School District Maintenance and Operations Department is committed to providing the most attractive grounds in the State.  We have always worked to accomplish this with a minimum use of pesticides, and those we do use are of the most benign nature possible.  We only use products with a caution label that has the lowest hazard rating possible.  This notice is in response to the implementation January 1, 2001, of the Health Schools Act of 2000.

For all of our schools, we use three types of products.

  1. Pre-emergents - products that stop germination of many weed seeds.

    1. Snapshot - used in planters to limit weed growth

    2. Dimension - granular, used in turf

    3. Pendulum - liquid, used in open areas

    4. Surflan - liquid, used in open areas

  2. Post-emergents - products that are used on existing weeds in and out of planted areas

    1. Wipeout/Trimec - liquid, used to control broadleaf weeds in turf

    2. Lontrell/Turflon - liquid, used to control broadleaf weeds in turf

    3. Finale - kills weeds in open ground

  3. Insecticides - products that are used to control undesirable insects that may infiltrate into the classrooms

    1. Suspend SC - liquid, used for large-scale infestations while allowing the baits to control the problem long term

    2. Sluggo-Iron Phosphate - naturally occurs in soil, controls snails

    3. Clorox Germicidal Bleach - controls mold

    4. Fumitoxin - controls gophers/ground squirrels

    5. E-rase - controls powdery mildew on shrubs/plants

    6. Demand CS, Talstar CA, Terro, depending on conditions, used to control insects

    7. Talstar, Prelude,  Tim-Bor - used to control termites

Central School District will make every effort to apply these chemicals during student breaks (non-school days) or before students arrive at school.