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All students at RMMS are on a six period day and are offered standards-based classes in language arts, social studies, math, science, elective, and PE. Accelerated classes of Algebra and Geometry are offered for advanced instruction. Intervention classes and programs are available for all students, especially students of special needs and students that are at risk.  We have an outstanding school counseling department to assist our students with the transition from elementary to high school.

 Elective classes provide many avenues for our students to explore or refine their skills. Our school has a strong AVID program that encourages college readiness.   Our performing arts department is outstanding offering beginning, intermediate, concert band, wind ensemble, chorus, and Jazz band that are open to all of our students.  A yearly drama or musical performance is available our students in the spring. Our elective wheel provides trimester classes in art, technology, and foreign language.  A full service computer lab is offered during our students electives and with money available from our bond measure we are currently  implementing the 21st Century classes.

 Our physical education department is thrilled to have a fitness center with a complete weight room/cardio center that we offer to our 7th and 8th grade students in PE and after school. This facility is available to promote our goal to teach students lifelong fitness.

  Ruth Musser Middle School is proud of our professional learning community and we welcome the opportunity to work together with our parents for a successful education of all our children. 



Our Motto: Respect, Responsibility, Readiness....Creating Lifelong Learners

We at Ruth Musser Middle School believe we should provide a diverse instructional program that will meet the intellectual, social and emotional needs of our middle school students. This instructional program must address both the development of the young adolescent and the demand for academic preparations as students move into a diverse, multicultural, information-driven society.

 To support this, Ruth Musser Middle School is committed to:

  • An instructional organization for 5th-8th grade middle school students that provides a caring transition from elementary to high school.

  • Providing all students with a common comprehensive core curriculum that is academically rigorous.

  • All students being connected to the school in a positive way.

  • Programs and services that help students develop positive self-esteem and skills for confident decision-making.

  • Developing students' talents and abilities and providing exploration of a variety of subjects.

  • Building positive attitudes toward people and problem solving.

Underlying this philosophy is the concept of positive reinforcement over negative reaction that will produce the desired achievement and effective attitudes in our students.


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Ruth Musser is a Visible Learning school where teachers develop clear learning targets and success criteria so students can become effective learners.

Effective Learners:

  • Understand what they are learning

  • Understand how they are progressing

  • Know where they will go next

  • Can interpret their assessment results and act on this understanding

Learning Intentions:

  • Are what students will know/understand and be able to do by the end of the lesson that they didn’t/couldn’t when they arrived

  • Are learning goals that students are aiming to achieve

  • Are clearly communicated and appropriately challenging

  • Help students understand the purpose of related activities and where to focus their efforts

Success Criteria:

  • Helps students know when they have achieved the learning

  • Uses specific language related to the skills, knowledge, or learning being assessed

  • Helps students understand how they are progressing toward the learning intention

  • Allows students to know what success looks like and to evaluate themselves based on this criteria