Music Classes


Dalyn Shutts

Mrs. Dalyn Shutts is the music teacher at Valle Vista and Coyote Canyon Elementary Schools. She got her Bachelor of Music degree from the Bob Cole Conservatory at California State University, Long Beach and her teaching credential from California State University, Fullerton. After school and during summers she directs a children's choir for underprivileged youth in Santa Ana and she started a professional Chamber Choir with her friends called Profectus Chamber Choir. She lives with her son and daughter in La Verne, CA.


All lessons are available on Music Play Online (

You may have to log in to use the system; student login information is

Username: snow

Password: 2020

How to navigate to lessons:

  1. Click on "Online Learning" in the bar on the left-hand side. It's about halfway down

  2. Find the lesson you'd like to participate in. Keep in mind, the first lesson for each grade level is on the bottom of the list.

Lesson order for each grade:

Keep in mind, this system uses "ta" and "ti ti" to learn rhythms. In our music classes, we will say "du" (pronounced "doo") and "du-de" (pronounced "doo-day")

First grade: Do all Kinder lessons, then do all 1st grade lessons.

Second grade: Do the first Kinder lesson (build an instrument), then all 1st grade lessons, then all 2nd grade lessons

Third grade: Do the first Kinder lesson (build an instrument), all 2nd grade lessons, then all 3rd grade lessons

Fourth grade: Do all 3rd grade lessons, then all 4th grade lessons

Fifth grade: Do all 4th grade lessons, then all 5th grade lessons.

  • If you still have your recorder and would like to progress in your Recorder Karate, you may find the belt songs here, upload a video of yourself playing each belt song as you learn it, and then submit a video to Mrs. Shutts for approval.


Music Performance Practice Tracks 2020 (Google Drive Link)


Hoops (M4A)

Hoops (no voices) (M4A)

Shaping Up (M4A)

Shaping Up (no voices) (M4A)

Tally Ho, Giddy-up (M4A)

Tally Ho, Giddy-up (no voices) (M4A)

On the Sand, In the Sun, By the Sea (M4A)

On the Sand, In the Sun, By the Sea (no voices) (M4A)

Under the Water (M4A)

Under the Water (no voices) (M4A)


Music Play Online is a fun website where you can explore music games (like Poison Melody)!! The student login is: 

username: love2

password: sing