1. CDPH has lifted the public health order which was in place since August 11, 2021 which required school districts to test their unvaccinated staff and volunteers. This lifting will go into effect on Saturday, September 17. Thank you for being supportive of CSD’s responsibility to implement what is required and for adjusting with the many changes which have occurred over the past 3 years. Due to the rescinding of this public health order, volunteers will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination or submit a negative test starting Monday, September 19.
  2. We were made aware that there have been breaches to some educational technology applications such as Seesaw. The breaches are on the national level and not specific for our district. In order to protect our staff and students, CSD has turned off access to these applications. Access will be blocked while using CSD computers and CSD networks. Parents, if you have these apps on your phone, please be careful and do not open any links which may have been sent yesterday or today as they may be hacked. We cannot control access to these apps when you are using your personal devices.
  3. September 15th, 2022 Seesaw Update: Yesterday’s issues with Seesaw have now been resolved. Seesaw is now unblocked on district devices. For the most current status of Seesaw, please visit https://status.seesaw.me 
    If you use Seesaw on your mobile device, it is recommended that you download the latest updates for iOS and Android. On mobile, you can update your device to the latest app version (version 8.1.2, released today) and re-launch Seesaw OR close and re-open the Seesaw app. Here are instructions to close apps on mobile devices: - iOS: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201330 - Android: https://support.google.com/android/answer/9079646?hl=en#zippy=%2Cclose-apps